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Our Story

It started with the blessings and supervision of renowned Astrologer Suren Arora, whose insight into human relationships and understanding of the mindset of South Asian families prompted him to start providing his excellence to one and everyone.

Q: The need to hire a Matchmaker?

A: Relationships are complex. It is very important to understand what families want and what they really need. What is a person today and what he/she will be becoming tomorrow. Every marital relationship is spread over years and many families. It involves people in both the families as well as coming generation. It is imporatnt that decision about the marriage has a wise head who can understand, forsee and make right judgement.

Some important questions really matter a lot  that one may hesitate to ask right away.

Rishtey.ca offers a highly personalized approach to ensure the focus is solely on your life and your unique  preferences.

Interested in Becoming a Free Member?

If you are an adult, intelligent and looking for a relationship or marriage, please feel free to fill out our registration form. Once we have your details, we will call you and schedule an appointment to understand you better. Along with your form, you may choose to submit two high quality, current photos. Your photos do not need to be professionally done, but must include only you as the subject and one must be a headshot.

We search for matches for our clients as soon as we get their details. Free members are potential matches too, but we actively work on behalves to find a match for those who pay . Your information remain confidential and are not shared.

My parents were very fussy and I thought I will never get married or I will get someone with whom I will never be happy. I am glad my family found Mr. Suren Arora. He guided us so well and  touchwood, our families are so happy. Thanks Mr. Arora


I am glad that I followed Mr. Suren Arora advise, my life is blissful. He got me a perfect match. I am so happy in my life.


Mr. Suren Arora and all others at Rishtey.ca are very patient and understanding. Talking to them makes the whole process a lot better. I wouldn’t have been so confident elsewhere.


We service clients all over the world. You can get in touch with us by calling: 647-928-7747 or 1- 844-928-7747.

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